140 AMP Heavy duty Split Charge Power Distribution Box

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Split Charge Power Distribution Box
Split Charge Power…
Positive and negative connections
Fuse board
Isolation switch
Amp connection

12 Volt VSR Split Charge Kit, With 12 V Distribution We are now able to offer you a split charge kit and power distribution unit in a compact consumer unit. It has been designed to be as simple as possible to install. Only 2 wires go to the main starter battery then back to the consumer unit, Where you can simply plug in all your electrical items on to the built in fuseboard, There are no alternator connections Making fitting a split charge kit simple! The box incorporates a voltage sensing relay (VSR) split charging circuit which ensures that your leisure battery is kept fully charged whilst fusing all the relevant appliances and is contained in a neat box measuring just 19cm (L) x 11cm (W) x 6 cm (D) with the provision for 10 fuses. You can easily connect up to 10 applicances using the multiblock connection. +12 v connections go in the connector on the right using standard insulated spade connectors (supplied) All - negative connectors are connected to the terminal on the left using the supplied connectors This kit is a must have piece of kit for any DIY converters and will save hours of hard wiring. The unit includes 4.5 meters of charging cable with ring terminals which is connected to the vehicle battery and 2 meters of heavy duty cable with battery terminals for the leisure battery.  Both of these are hard wired into the unit ready for insulation.   There is a master cut off switch fitted (to prevent appliances being left on whilst the vehicle is laid up) with an LED light to show when the circuits are live. If you feel the battery needs topping up, simply turn on your engine and the split charge system will kick in giving your leisure battery the boost it needs (a separate LED will illuminate to show its charging) With this new and improved unit there are a few more nifty features compared to the old kit... New 140 amp marine grade relay There is an extra fuse on the main lead going to the van battey Amplifier or high draw positive connection on the side of the unit, Making connecting amps or any appliance which needs a larger diameter cable super easy. Larger charging cables Full colour instructions/fitting guide          

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